Dr. Jennifer Barth has a passion for helping individuals and families through comprehensive evaluations. She loves helping people who have struggled in school, at work, or interpersonally and have never determined “why.” Dr. Barth views the evaluation process as a puzzle with all of the pieces scattered and out of place. Her job is to make sense of the pieces and help each individual put together their unique puzzle. She has often received feedback regarding the time and care she gives to each patient and the thoroughness of her reports. She does not provide “cookie cutter” evaluations. Each new client is an opportunity to determine an individual’s unique strengths, weaknesses, and needs. Dr. Barth utilizes the evaluation data to determine the best supports and services for each client, with the ultimate goal of enhancing his or her quality of life.  Clients and families leave the evaluation process with individualized and detailed recommendations that guide them toward a plan for success. Dr. Barth looks forward to working with you and your family to find the answers and solutions that will lead you to a brighter future and bring forth life-long positive change.


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